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Announcing the release of a new automated trading strategy by Fractal Pathways based on Dan Winter's breakthru work in measuring heart coherence

The Fractal Pathways software EURUSD Intraday-1 automated trading strategy utilizes a day trading strategy that trades the EURUSD Forex pair on a 5-minute chart.

It is now available through the TradeStation trading platform.

Trades are executed automatically based off a proprietary cycle oscillator designed to identify the dominant harmonic wave pattern with exit time and exit price targets predetermined before the trade is entered.

The Fractal Pathways concept began with Dan Winter's original discovery of how to use harmonic analysis of a living variable - the heart- to measure heart coherence. This was then expanded to using a similar technique to predict WHEN any biologic oscillator was emerging from chaos.

The stock and Forex markets were a perfect environment to leverage this understanding suggesting that oscillations in financial markets are biologically induced. By adjusting the threshold conditions to say when there are dominant harmonics present in a stock or Forex price history - the shape of the next move can be used to identify the next likely direction.

Risk Disclosure

Forex trading is not appropriate for all investors and traders. There is substantial risk of loss associated with trading Forex and each investor or trader must consider whether it is a suitable investment. No representation or implication is being made that using the system described in this announcement will generate returns or ensure against losses. Losses can and will occur.

Fractal Pathways Trading Software Definition:

The living wave function happens because when a million people are involved in the stock market - it is a living event, that has "emerged from chaos." It creates a pattern, an emotion, a movement, an expression, a 'predictable order' that can be measured, tested, validated and used as a tool for stock market analysis.

ANY wave form that enters into implosive collapse or "compression" -has therefore become part of a self organizing system.  By applying unique IP mathematics applied from insights from Dan Winter's inventions- we can powerfully look at stock analysis- in a far more subtle and sensitive manner- for the well known Golden Ratio-indicators of the moment of self-organization.
Any wave shape- which is going to emerge from chaos - is going to exhibit these characteristics. These new mathematic tools- allow us a whole new layer of descrimination to describe a stocks (volume or price) wave shape- as emerging into perfect damping / compression / self-organization. Supported by international investors with a development R and D over  three years

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