Cutting Edge Scientists & Investors, Committed To Effective Change

If you're passionate about innovations in energy production systems, sustainability and agriculture, health and education, and interested in being part of the solution- not the problem, then Breakthru-Technologies is for you.

We represent a brilliant international team of cutting edge scientists and investors, all committed to effective change and a vision of a better world. We are living in a phenomenal age. Now more than ever before, we have the opportunity to spread a unique brand of intelligence all over the world - one that will not only help nurture and protect our planet, but allow for a transition to more efficient and sustainable energy, healthcare and agricultural systems.

We bring together a scintillating group of thought leaders to share, research, discuss, celebrate and move forward breakthroughs in science, green energy and unified field theory. Please take a read each technology we are presenting.

We have been instrumental in bringing to the world the new COLD FUSION reality of the Ecat technology, we are spearheading the tesla healing technology we call M.A.P, we have achieved exciting proof of concepts with our living buildings and Bloom the Desert, The Imploder water treatment is on the market and selling well, Eco Global Fuels was recently invited to the X prize foundation for its innovative ideas with CO2 sequestering and renewable fuels,  Fractal Wave Forecasting has just received a new wave of funding to complete its programming...and soon we are embarking on a whole new fresh set of ideas with our hypersonic propulsion systems and our hydrogen frequencies stay in touch by joining our newsletter and contact us if you are interested in investment opportunities.
Roger Green
Founder and Director