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Eco Global Fuels LLC USA (New York / Delaware) and Eco Global Fuels PTY LTD Sydney, Australia

Brief Description: 

This unique method produces hydrogen and oxygen from water that is 60% more efficient and cost effective than other methods, and is completely environmentally friendly. Removes CO2 from atmosphere and combines it with a catalyst to produce Ethanol. Benefits and features: Uses existing infra-structure. Producer of cost efficient carbon neutral renewable hydrogen, oxygen and ethanol. A win-win for oil, gas and coal industry as we are a major carbon footprint reducer. The cheapest know production of hydrogen, which makes many industrial processes now possible.

Market Place Entry: 

Transport fuel ethanol. Mining industry. Licensing to coal and gas industry. Many other applications

Investment Opportunity: 

Be part of the required 12 M for scale up prototype construction and be involved with all future developments of Eco Global Fuels

Extra Information: 

Powered by solar, wind, geothermal or any renewable source of DC.
Powered by E cat LENR /cold fusion heat to electricity technology.
Powered by waste off peak electricity.
Powered by Natural gas turbines.
Can bolt onto all existing coal/gas/power plants to sequester all of their CO2 and produce a renewable transport fuel- ethanol.

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