Hypersonic Propulsion


Investment Summary

Company & Registered Offices: 

BreakThru Technologies, New York City and Sydney Australia.

Brief Description: 

HyperSonic Propulsion technology is based on a clean-burning, hydrogen-based explosion-implosion sequence that literally blasts the air out of the way of a moving vehicle. Drag-reducing devices in the front of traditional air, land and water vehicles can account for a maximum increase in speed with minimal added energy costs – and a substantially reduced carbon footprint.

Benefits and Features: 

The systemic applications of this implosion-based technology include drag-reduction, propulsion and lift generation for air, land and water vehicles.

Stage of Development: 

Seed capital required. We are currently seeking investors, green technology specialists and transportation authorities for partnership. Together, we can revolutionize transport, reduce fuel costs and reverse the effects of global warming.

Market Place Entry: 

Shipping, drag reduction, energy efficiency and aviation

Investment Opportunity: 

Seed capital for research and prototype. Enter into this business as a negotiated partner $50,000- $75,000. The patent application for Hypersonic Propulsion technology has passed the Patent Cooperation Treaty international search with no conflicting prior art found. We are two years into patents paid and logged in several countries. Now is the time for investors to get in on the ground floor of this unique technology.

Extra Information: 

If you are excited by the potential of our implosion-based technology, you should consider owning a stake in our ongoing research and development. These include: HyperSonic mechanics oxy-hydrogen propulsion, Hover and lift systems, Rapid sea, land and air transportation systems, Atmosphere/Space transfer transportation, Energy efficiency and fuel-free flight

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Roger Green


Hypersonic Propulsion