Fractal Clothing Revolution


Investment Summary

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Breakthru Technologies, NYC, USA

Brief Description: 

Wear living Clothes and FEEL More Alive! The way to 'embed' completely into your environment and your "energy body".' Includes material, genetic diversity, biological capacitors, trace mineral recipes, shape, patterns, colors and of course 'Fractalilty’.

Benefits and Features: 

It is now clear that the blissful feeling you get when you enter an ancient sacred cathedral, or a an ancient circle of sacred trees or sacred stone dolmen is precisely due to the ability for life’s electric field - to breathe and be distributed is caused by fractality Market Place Entry: International clothing, design and fashion industry. Eco friendly clothing.

Stage of Development: 

Early stages.

Investment Opportunity: 

Development seed capital needed to take this cutting edge concept further.

Extra Information: 

We are very excited to offer a radically new and powerful physics to understand how color combination produces fractality and fusion and healing. We have new dramatic evidence that color is the 3D tilt of the photon as torus donut and that the way color is perceived is precisely due to Golden Ratio fractality!

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Roger Green


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