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External Applications of HydroSil Ormes:

  1. Healing Accelerant: This is applied to a scratch or cut to speed up healing. It can also be applied to burns to prevent scarring.

  2. Antiseptic: It can be applied topically to wounds to prevent infection.

  3. Eye Wash: This needs to be distinguished from eye drops, which are classified for internal use. Eyewash in this case, is a combination of an antiseptic action combined with a silicium (silicon/silicate) that feeds the lens and cornea of the eye. An anecdotal story is told by our leading researcher that one of his clients accidentally splashed some liquid with a dilution of 1% into his eyes, and his eye doctor remarked that the lens and cornea were regenerating for some reason. We need to corroborate this.

  4. Mouthwash: This application is a dilution of 1% with essential oils such as citron, eucalyptus, wintergreen and others. Without the oils, the liquid has an odd flavor, and with the oils a more pleasant flavor. The tissues in the mouth also absorb a small amount of hydrosil, and the monoatomics as well as silicon (also in a monoatomic state). The silicon has been found to contribute to the flexibility of body tissues, and has been used in the treatment of arthritis.

  5. Insect Bite Relief: It also has been used for insect stings, as it seems to neutralize the action of the venom. It has been speculated that this may also extend to venomous reptiles, such as rattlesnake bites, but so far this has not been tested.

  6. Poison Ivy Relief: We have personally tested this. It works. Our team leader was standing in a patch of poison ivy picking figs, and noticed that inflammation was setting in. He placed hydrosil at full strength on the rash, and within minutes it subsided. It is suspected that the material is a broadband anti-inflammatory agent.

  7. Wart treatment: It can be used as a topical anti-viral for warts, reducing or eliminating them. It has anti-fungal properties that can be used for toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and a variety of psoriasis conditions.

  8. Vegetable Wash: The antiseptic properties of hydrosil are used for this. It has the ability to neutralize any fungal or bacterial contaminant. Also works on black mold.

  9. Insecticide: Research has been on venomous fire ants. Its action apparently has something to do with the venom and anti-inflammatory abilities of the material. It seems to act more on venomous insects than others. The formic acid dissociates and at times the fire ant’s venom sacs explode spontaneously.

  10. Bath Salt: Combined with Epsom salt and essential oils, a nearly 100% concentration is used for therapeutic use. This is an alkalizing bath, as well as antifungal for skin infections and general inflammation relief, such as overworked muscles. Instead of a relaxant, it tends to act as a stimulant, and you leave the bath with more energy.

  11. Alternative to using CHLORINE (which has negative side effects, useful in water treatment for animals especially chicken farms and for swimming pools

Internal Applications:

  1. Eye Drops: This is a higher concentration combined with other ingredients such as NAC, known to reverse cataracts. The regeneration ability of hydrosil combined with the heavy metal chelating action of NAC should be a good combination.

  2. Nose Drops: The anti-inflammatory action combined with the antiseptic properties will lend itself well to nasal sprays for influenza and allergies.

  3. Ear Drops: Combined with glycerine, this can be used to remove impacted earwax by controlled dissolution. We have personally tested this one in various concentrations ranging from 2-10%. Mid-range seems to work the best.

  4. Dietary Supplement: We have also tested this one. It seems to work best with a 1% solution taken in 1-cup amounts. It is also taken based upon tolerance, as some react to this concentration. In larger amounts, it eliminates the intestinal flora, and this must be repopulated using live culture yogurt. It also seems to condition the soft tissues lining the digestive tract (this must be studied). It also acts as an anti-fungal agent, so fungal infections of the intestinal tract are controlled or eliminated.

  5. Water Treatment Drops: As a disinfecting agent, a smaller proportion (0.1%) can be used for sanitizing questionable water supplies. Our team leader has used this in his trips to South America, and he stated it never failed. This can be exported to places with non-potable water supplies, such as South America and Africa.

  6. Douche and enema treatment: The antibacterial and antifungal properties are used here. It is suspected that it may also be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids as well as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Topical application of the material seems to accelerate healing. Upon contact with the skin, the material seems to adjust its PH to that of the surrounding tissue. The healed tissue has reduced scarring. It also has insecticidal properties, and application of the material to the skin causes insects to either detach or expire. Applied to plants, it seems to have a repellant quality, and once again the PH is seen to change. Fire ants, which use formic acid as venom, are also repelled strongly, and if applied directly to the ants, the venom is neutralized.

The hydrosil liquid seems to cause oils to separate from their carriers, and if sprayed on oil bearing sand, will create a slick on top that is easily recovered, having a property opposite to a surfactant. This can be utilized in petroleum spills, as well as oil recovery in tar sands.

Depending on how it is made, it has personal or industrial applications. It is appropriate for the oil field to enhance oil extraction, or clean up spills, to extracting exotic oils from anything that may contain hydrocarbon, such as seeds of any kind to separation of certain types of fat in commercial processing.

Since it also kills bacteria, selectively, it will control smells found in public treatment plants, meat plants, and many other businesses that normally produce smells that are not welcome to the general public.

One immediately marketable item would be as an ecologically friendly driveway cleaner. Once sprayed upon the concrete, the oil would immediately separate for recovery. It also has the same ability to accelerate healing, and can also be applied topically without a great deal of red tape for FDA approval. It also seems to have insecticidal as well as repellant abilities, although somewhat reduced as the active ingredients are more diluted than the gel (for details on the gel or ‘HSG’ read further on), however it is cheaper to manufacture.

One other ability of the liquid is the ability as a restorative for cataract sufferers. It has been tested empirically, and shown to delay the onset of cataracts, as well as possibly reverse the condition.

As a topical application, it controls pain from burns, bites, scraps and cuts. Therefore it is an excellent first aide complement for example professionals and hikers or campers to name one category of users. When applied to a burn, it immediately soothes the discomfort and prevents scaring by allowing more oxygen into the first and second layers of skin so healing will be more complete than usual. Many studies have shown the benefits of oxygenating wounds and burns. It is expensive, and difficult in crisis situations. Until now.

It has been shown to kill MRSA bacteria or any other staph infection found in hospitals and other surgical and nonsurgical areas. It is an alkaline product that when taken internally, 2 oz at a 2-5% dilution brings the body pH higher while oxygenating it. This means cancer is less likely to be able to grow or spread since oxygen kills cancer cells, as the research with sodium bicarbonate injected into cancer cells supports.

We have just begun to explore the many practical applications. One, that is our favorite, is the control of dental caries (cavities). If you have cavities, they will be dissolved, and the tooth will get a bit stronger. If you do not have cavities, it will prevent getting them because of the layer of silicon and the fact that the pH of the mouth is kept above 7.0 so lacto bacilli can't grow and form the cavities which is a by product of their metabolizing sugar in the mouth. Their secretions eat the enamel of the tooth presenting what we call cavities.

Even in the USA there is no FDA approval needed since the application is considered “topical”.

The same is true for burn ointments. The manufacturing is a precise adventure, and requires no exotic components or ingredients. We can add special things to it, and manufacture it to offer even more energy and synergy depending on the application. While inexpensive to set up and make, it does require attention to details.

Next Steps

We have 10 external uses and 6 internal. Studies need to be done to determine the exact mechanism for healing for the hydrosil. We think it is important to note that Kervran, in “Biological Transmutations”, stated a need for silicon in the diet. The proposed mechanism was a transformation of silicon to calcium, and noted that chickens deprived of calcium, but supplied with silicon, would excrete an equal amount of calcium in their eggshells. It has therefore been proposed that a similar dietary need exists in humans as well, and those with the highest silica in their diets have the lowest incidence of osteoporosis.

Conventional medical science has not established the minimum requirements for either silicon or ormes in the diet. However, it is interesting to note that that same “conventional medical science” lags 50 years behind research, so while we desperately need this research incorporated into society, corporate medicine remains stuck in the 20th century.

Strategies for implementation would include marketing external use items first to capitalize the operation, and use that to obtain the funds necessary for licensing and testing for the remaining items.

An immediate use is an alternative to CHLORINE for swimming pools and for water treatment for animals (strong anti bacterial effects without the negative side effects of chlorine

HydroSil-Ormes Applications

  • Agriculture biomass growth
  • Anti bacterial e. coli, salmonella
  • Vegetable wash
  • Water treatment for farm animals
  • Water treatment for swimming pools as alternative to chlorine
  • Organic Pesticide
  • Oil remediation
  • Stagnation/odor control
  • Fire Proofing
  • Medical / healing:
  • Teeth- seems to heal cavities quickly / mouth wash
  • Reduces dental pain and infection
  • Burns
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Perhaps cancers etc
  • First aid
  • NOTE: proven to be very effective on VENOM BITES
  • Sunburn
  • Cuts
  • Rashes/ itching
  • Dry skin
  • As a concentrate of Hydrosil, it can be placed in travel and first-aid kits in 10 ml bottles for single use applications.
  • When dried, it can be cut, pressed or shaped.
  • As a concentrate of Hydrosil, it can be placed in travel and first-aid kits in 10 ml bottles for single use applications

Another related product we are developing…


Hydrosil Gel or HSG, is material is made in a manner similar to the regular hydrosil. However, the solution is preheated to a specific temperature, and what results are a high-viscosity gel, greenish-grey in color, with some giving the appearance to luminesce in the dark. After the process is completed, the gel is allowed to cool and stabilize, and then exposed to sunlight, upon which it goes clear. It is suspected that what happens is a quantum transition of the elements inside the gel, most notably the platinum group monoatomics into a different state. The gel seems to have the same healing properties of the liquid, however the electrical effects are markedly different.

HSG has been measured to have a minimum dielectric constant of 115,000. This is more than an order of magnitude above barium titanate, and above many of the conjugated polymers. What makes the material do this is subject to speculation at this time. However, these are measured results, which have been crosschecked at two separate laboratories, with a possible third to follow in our lab.

The material was then tested to destruction, or at least attempted. It then seemed to “change phase” into a highly viscous, stringy material with an increased density and became opaque, with a whitish cast when subjected to a potential of 14,000 volts per millimeter. The test cell was disassembled, and signs of arcing were investigated. No arcing was seen, as the material seemed to react to the voltage, possibly absorbing part of the applied energy to change phase. A dielectric constant of over 14 million was measured. No facilities to do a chemical analysis were available at the time, and the experiment was catalogued and the material stored. Obviously, investment is needed to take us to the next level.

Applications of HSG

Due to the seeming adaptability of the material, the first immediate application would be self-healing capacitors. The next would be energy storage and possibly even generation based upon other unique properties of the material.

  • This high dielectric is stated to be the critical component to tap the vacuum density, or ZPE.
  • This cell development could be the revenue stream in terms of the material used to make our capacitors. This material works wonders in HHO (hydroxy gas) generators.
  • The idea is we have material that is a power cell or dielectric that is used in power cells or motors.
  • It can also be used in transformers to replace the current dielectric oil, which is deleterious to the environment. HSG is environmentally friendly in that respect, and is more efficient.
  • NOTE: Wound Dressing: The gel generates a protective barrier upon drying. Aloe vera gel can be mixed with this, to provide a non-drying flexible coating as a bandage.
  • When dried, it can be cut, pressed or shaped.


Both Hydrosil ormes and HydroGel can be dried into a powder. This powder reconstitutes when added to water. As with any concentrate, a little goes a long way, and this can be used for many uses. Shipping costs are minimized with the powder. Here are a few applications:

  • Water treatment tablets: Depending upon the concentration needed, different dosage tablets can be used. Tablets can be dropped into a liter water bottle, or a smaller tab can be made for glass-by-glass consumption, as an effervescent tab.
  • Pool treatment tablets: These would be similar to the chlorine tablets one finds for both home and community pools. This would be an environmentally friendly replacement to the chlorine.
  • Agricultural uses: There are several for this one:
  • 1) Bacterial control for livestock, particularly for chicken farms.
  • 2) Crop fungicide, to control contamination in soils, and “rust” in cereal crops.
  • 3) Control of insect and bacterial contamination in permaculture fish farms.
  • 4) Crop “dusting”, for treatment of insect infestations and fungal contamination, replacing more aggressive organochlorides and related compounds.


Hydrosil ormes liquid, Hydrosil Gel (HSG), and Hydrosil Powder (HSP), appears to be a “smart” material, which seems to adapt to its environment, changing its PH and other physical properties. This lends itself to a myriad of applications, some of which have yet to be determined. The material is environmentally friendly, relatively easy to make, and as an added benefit produces significant quantities of hydrogen in the process of making it, therefore the production of the material can also be utilized as a hydrogen gas generator. The raw material is readily available and reasonable in cost. The market demand for high K dielectrics is on the rise for green technologies and energy storage. The potential for profitability for this material is significant, and the impact on society is positive.

Investment Summary

Company & Registered Offices: 

The Magic of Hermes - Breakthru-Technologies, New York City, USA

Brief Description: 

This is unique product, that is easy to manufacture and aides the natural healing abilities with no side effects. It has industrial applications in superconductivity and building transformers and other electrical equipment.

Benefits and Features: 

Easy to manufacture and cost efficient, with fast healing abilities, that can be applied in a wide range of applications, e.g. mouth wash, burns, first aid, water and industrial cleansing. The hydrogel has demonstrated ‘intelligence’ in that it adapts to various external stimuli, and radiates a ‘bio-active’ field.

Stage of Development: 

Early stage development. Capital required for further testing and validation and product development

Market Place Entry: 

Lotions, mouthwash and other external applications. Can be a ‘base’ for other active ingredients e.g. essential oils. Can be quickly developed for transformers installations as an environmentally friendly dielectric oil replacement. A major market place entry and easy to test is an healthy alternative to using CHLORINE, swimming pools, Anti bacterial treatment of farm water rather than using chlorine (especially chickens)

Investment Opportunity: 

We are looking for serious investors to move these exciting concepts and products into market place. The returns are self-evident. Be part of the required USD 90,000 for negotiated equity

Extra Information: 

In future applications, this can be developed for internal healing applications and pain relief requiring FDA approvals

Stage 1 Developments:

  • Hydrosil bottling, labeling and instructions for external use.  
  • Some of these products would be mouthwash, ointment (burns, rashes, bites etc.), vegetable wash, wart treatment, etc.
  • Use on farms as a water treatment (anti-bacterial) for animals (especially chickens which are chemically sensitive) rather than using chlorine (which has negative side effects)
  • Use with swimming pools as a healthy alternative to chlorine treatment
  • Validation based on chemical analysis.

Stage 2 Developments:

  • Hydrosil GEL use in capacitors as a superconductor
  • Use in transformers  
  • To be validated with control testing

Stage 3 Developments:

  • Internal applications to be tested and clinically trialed with future FDA approvals
  • Applications for internal healing from various diseases
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