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Company & Registered Offices: 

Fractal Field Technologies, Sydney Australia

Brief Description: 

Through scientific investigation and invention over the last 20 years, Dan Winter has discovered repeatable positive “fractal bio-field effects” that can be applied to a wide variety of industries. We know the symmetry, frequency recipes and resin sizes to make capacitors (electric fields), which are fractal and thus cause growth and increase metabolic rates dramatically. This is our unique IP and has never been achieved before. The electric field, which creates this ‘fractal field’, is called 'phase conjugate dielectric' in electrical engineering terms, and those in the know - understand why this is bioactive and powerful. The principle is simple- whatever facilitates constructive charge compression, acceleration and therefore charges distribution- ACCELERATES LIFE!

Benefits and Features: 

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics Crystals are key to bioactive fields and have been measured to increase and accelerate a) Germination b) Fermentation c) Metabolic rates d) Sedimentation.

Stage of Development: 

Seed capital required.

Market Place Entry: 

Fermentation rate increase in food, beer, wine, yogurt and other food producing industries. Commercial digesters. BIO-energy and algae fuels. Ethanol production. Building growth chambers. Green-house design and agriculture. There are also strong possibly and implications for improving tissue repair and for pain relief (we have independent evidence of this working).

Investment Opportunity: 

The BIO-ACTIVE System developers will have direct involvement in bringing this incredible technology to the international forefront. If you are excited by the potential of our implosion-based technology, you should consider owning a stake in our ongoing research and development.

Extra Information: 

We designed this testing device (phase conjugate dielectric) phase conjugate eggs, GDV measured cups: Measured / repeated/ validated: increase germination and fermentation. When we put the gold eggs treated with phase conjugate dielectric resin, passively around a glass jar containing fermenting yeast, we recorded a (very repeatable) 20-40 percent increase in fermentation rate.

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