Theraphi Plasma Health


Investment Summary

Company & Registered Offices: 

Breakthru-Technologies NYC

Brief Description: 

Patented new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing. Trial testing has been achieved in hospitals.

Benefits and Features: 

This device can be utilized to treat chronic pain, current injury and surgical recovery and has been successful in over 90% of patients in four major clinical trials. A 100% of the patients received highly significant pain reduction in FDA trials at the Sierra pain institute of Nevada. Market place entry: Hospitals, alternative healing clinics, private home use

Stage of Development: 

2nd stage clinical trials for FDA approval

Investment Opportunity: 

$500,000 -1M for percentage shareholding

Extra Information: 

Extensive preliminary evidence that PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS can not only reduce pain but also increase healing rate. We understand the physics- because this creates the magnetic environment of restored fractality- precisely the definition of healing in biologic tissue.

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Roger Green


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