E-Cat R&D Projects


Investment Summary

Brief Description: 

  • E cat and Desalination Technology
  • E cat Heat to Electricity Generation

We have put together a company that will pioneer the ability to convert heat into electricity, and an efficient and economical technology for desalination. Both will lead the ecat technology into being the most advanced energy systems on the planet. Obviously, those who develop technologies that can bolt onto every Ecat- both domestic and industrial, enter into a multi billion dollar marketplace. (thats right- we also have the technology to also convert the 10Kw domestic ecat into electricity!)

Investment Opportunity: 

We are selling equity into this R and D company to raise the necessary funds to achieve these goals. 300,000 shares are available at USD $1 each, out of a total 1 M shares. Minimum share investment starts at $1000. The company structure is based in Australia, with research labs both in Australia and France.
Please get in touch about this if you are interested.

We have released 30% equity into the "company" to share holders. Share holders funds will be used to perform these tasks:

  • Develop a tesla turbine that can bolt onto the existing e cat temperature of 103 degrees at 10KW
  • Scale up the tesla turbine to a possible 100 KW
  • The tesla turbine with be connected to a generator to produce electricity- at an estimated 50 % + efficiency
  • Produce a prototype desalination technique using the Ecat and low pressure/vacuum

Imagine- every domestic e cat being sold with our heat to electricity patented technology. And it means that electricity can be generated anywhere- on any scale- using the 1 MW units, that can easily be transported into any location on this planet- anywhere- anytime!

We can lift whole continents out of poverty.

What holds many countries back is lack of electricity to generate local economies. 60 million children do not go to school each day because of lack of infra-structure- mainly the high cost of establishing electricity

We can solve this problem

Once developed, these technologies, including the desalination techniques (a 95 billion dollar global industry), can be sold directly, licensed to manufactures so our company can collect licensing fees, we can be involved with JV for desalination etc. Anything that is developed out of this R and D- you are part of.

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