Our Purpose

We bring together the worlds leading team of scientists that are emerging on the cutting edge of  Implosion Technologies. We are committed to developing innovation in agriculture, water treatments, sustainability, and alternative energy production. A collaboration of visionaries, scientists, industry, and investors. A forum for brilliant ideas, technology and new paradigm thinking. Dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our environment and self-empowerment in all aspects of life. . Imagine a place where the earth comes first.

  • To develop a growing network of compassionate investors and commercial leaders with awareness of global needs
  • To develop innovations in agriculture technology, energy systems, sustainability, health, and education
  • To provide a forum for brilliant ideas and new paradigm thinking
  • To facilitate collaboration between visionaries, scientists and pioneers
  • To promote robust science and hardcore testing, validation and analysis
  • To provide market support for key projects We are achieving…
  • Revolutionizing water treatment and agricultural water use
  • Creating a high-level repair of our ecosystem
  • Bringing Bloom the Desert technologies to third world communities
  • Hydrogenation as energy production that eliminates all greenhouse gases
  • Increasing agricultural growth rates by 50-300% via bioactive electric field harmonics
  • Extending life with electric field technologies
  • Emerging technologies that will revolutionize transportation
  • Increasing soil health and agricultural yields naturally with low-cost technology
  • Bringing together the world’s leading team of scientists who are on the cutting edge of fractal field technologies
  • And much, much, much more As we measure, repeat, validate, debate, discuss, analyze and share, we will discover dynamic and proven solutions to the growing energy and environmental needs of our planet.