Transport Fuel Enhancer


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Joint venture with The Netherlands, France and Australia.

Brief Description: 

Molecular cluster sizes decreased by using Magnetic Phase Conjugate technology and at the same time increasing atomization efficiency - and therefore much increased fuel efficiency. It is well known the atomization efficiency is the major issue of ignition efficiency. This is true of gas and diesel engines. Magnetic fuel pre-treatment has had limited success in the past. What is new with phase conjugate magnetics- is our new understanding of HOW the phase conjugate field is made.

Benefits and Features: 

Our Liquid Fuel Imploder is the holy grail of the liquid fuel treatment process. The unique phase conjugate atomization effect can be used for any combustion e.g. car, truck, trains, aviation, home and commercial heating, power plants and any industrial use. Treats fuels just prior to combustion for radical improvement in atomization efficiency and resulting in highly significant economy improvement in fuel burn efficiency. Fuel consumption improvements are good for the environment, reduce consumption, enable car manufactures to redesign cars better with hybrid technology, with radically improved MPG and enable fuel 'mixtures' with ethanol to combine more efficiently. And it saves a huge amount of money for governments, businesses and consumers.

Stage of Development: 

Passed 1st stage trials. 2nd stage development

Market Place Entry: 

Transport, domestic heating, Industrial processes

Investment Opportunity: 

$200,000 for serious R /D and marketing

Extra Information: 

$200,000 for serious R /D and marketing Very good results have been achieved with biodiesel

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Roger Green