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Project - Corporate Heart

Leading Leaders Into a Shared Space in the Heart

A Business Model- Intended to Prove the Principle
"How do I create a COHERENT business organization - quickly- to sustain our wealth!"
What is coherence, how do you create, how does that bring in wealth.. grandattractors in business.. the essential new physics of commerce for sustaining wealth referred to as the..' grandattractor'
The HeartTuner IS a system specifically designed to measure these musical 'recipes' in Heart, Brain , and life force charge enviornments. With the Heart Coherence Team we have so far been very successful in marketing this concept commercially - largely in clinical, and healing, and biofeedback based environments. Recently, we have also presented this system as a corporate solution to teaching AGREEMENT / CONSENSUS process to Universities (including friends of Corporate Harmonics), and to business groups in Sydney and in Melbourne. The EXPERIENCE of FEELING the moment at which 2 hearts a.) become coherent and in passion, and b.) phase lock onto the same wavelength - is palpable and real. It has already changed many lives. This evolution of the HeartTuner enviornment is growing nicely.

HOWEVER, the NEXT step is to show that this concept is commercially powerful in GROUP situations.. first for corporate concensus process and agreement making - we call this THE CORPORATE HEART PROJECT. And then ultimately - to teach military and government leaders that conflict resolution and peacemaking is a teacheable and scientifically measureable biological process.

The Heart Coherence team - has been through a great deal of planning to prepare a special software enviornment to enable this dream - of teaching groups - to share HEART SPACE - measureably. The original concept was called THE HARMONIC MODULE - which we have been writing about for over 20 years.

The Harmonic Module includes an eventual intent to teach MILLIONS OF HEARTS TO LINK - around the planet - using internet. With the result that GLOBAL COHERENCE would in fact demonstrably and measureable begin to heal the Earth.

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In this phase of the software project- we will have multiple bars show up so you can select to see and link up with the hearts of several different people in your group. In the next phase of this software project- there will be an INTERACTIVE AVERAGE - which allows you to link hearts with your whole GROUPS AVERAGE KEY HEART.. This next phase of the software to show averaging for larger groups - will involve additional programming cost... in other words- in phase one- a few people can link hearts (proof of concept - how fun it is) - in phase 2- 20 people, 200 people, or 2 million people can LEARN TO LINK HEARTS!!

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Investment needed 20,000 USD for negotiated equity

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