Super Imploder


Investment Summary

Company & Registered Offices: 

Breakthru-Technologies. Registered in Sydney Australia.

Brief Description: 

It feeds water into a phase conjugate magnetic array, using a piezoelectric directional nozzle, creating implosive flux lines. The custom implosive magnet core gaps converge in a potent centripetal cone, the result being the known principal and completion of implosive magneto- electric flux hydrodynamic flow – creating mono-molecule stability. This has never been achieved before.

Benefits and Features: 

Increases crop yields and seed germination. The ‘absorption efficiency effect’ has produced measurements of up to 300% growth increase using our magnetic treated water. Increasing bottom line for farmers.

Market Place Entry: 

Agriculture and domestic water re-energising Stage of development: Product developed, marketed and sold all over the world. Distributor network created.

Investment Opportunity: 

Investment required for second stage development: Polluted water is passed through scaled up IMPLODER and immediate sedimentation occurs, effectively separating and removing pollutants and making water potable. We fully expect to re-invent water treatment for sewage, saving billions for local governments and third world communities. We are on the way to scaling up for radical desalination technology. Percentage ownership negotiated for $100,000 investment to the right person.

Extra Information: 

Can be used for major bottlenecks in technology e.g. to convert gas and oil from Tar Sands- which at present is uneconomic but with our technology can become highly economic. Major potential for desalination.

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Roger Green


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