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Company & Registered Offices: 

Fractal Field Technology PTY LTD Sydney Australia

Brief Description: 

Based on ground breaking research and development by Dan Winter and our Melbourne based scientific team. The theory behind all of these inventions is the Fractal Field, the very essence of life giving electrical magnetic fields. We are cracking the hydrogen code to liberate hydrogen from water at a much lower input energy opening the way to hydrogen economy. (1) Rapid battery charging and rejuvenation technology. (2) Efficient hydroxyl gas production as a supplementary fuel system for all engines and generators.

Benefits and Features: 

Vast range of Battery charging systems from led acid to lithium. Huge potential for rapid battery charging for domestic market, transport and making solar panels much more efficient. Electricity generation, anywhere- anytime with our portable efficient Hydroxy generators. Tar Sands Oil separation. Fuel-efficient transport. Desalination: because our technology separates hydrogen and oxygen, it also separates impurities, creating instant desalination.

Market Place Entry: 

Fuel enhancer cost saving technology. 5kW (and upwards) Electric Generators. 2 stroke engines. Eco-friendly customers. Rapid battery charging and making solar panels more efficient Stage of development: Seed capital required for further research and development

Investment Opportunity: 

$100,000- $200,000 for negotiated share holding. Extra Info: We are interested in serious investment to move forward these unique inventions and to further the testing, validation, engineering and commercialization

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