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Fractal Field Technology PTY LTD Sydney Australia

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To develop through our R and D benchmarks, test and independently validate, and to commercialize and license. We are interested in serious investment to move forward this unique invention and to further the testing, validation and commercialization.

This discovery opens the way for electricity generators that run on hydrogen fuel which uses water as a feedstock. This is a unique approach and has global potential to quickly enter the marketplace that is desperate for a clean non-fossil source of energy. It is scalable to any dimension. It has a broad spectrum of other applications- namely transport, waste management and desalination.

The theoretical work is done. The team is built. We know the frequency recipe and the correct benchmarks to get this completed.

Previous investment has been $124,000, through the company directors.

Skype conference calls are available with Dan Winter and Roger Green to discuss and explain our R and D, budget and investment. Email for an appointment.

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