E-Cat International Conference Zurich 2012

The first E cat International conference was a great success. People from all over the world attended. There were over 300 engineers, scientists, investors, business folk and clean energy entrepreneurs mainly from Germany and Switzerland. They were joined by the first international gathering of e cat licensees.

Each day there was a wide variety of presentation involving the ecat technology. On Saturday evening, inventor and manufacturer Andrea Rossi gave a detailed assessment of his current R and D project, that is, raising the output temperature of the e cat, which he calls the 'hot cat'. He stressed that this was still in R and D and that at least another 4 months work is needed to get it to a consistant stage. In the meantime- the 1 MW e cat industrial unit is ready for sale, with the intention of releasing one to an industrial company in North itlay to trial run it for 3-4 months. More on that later when we receive details.

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