Topics & Details for Breakthru Technologies and Theraphi Symposium - South France June 8-13th 2018

Discover cutting-edge physics and breakthrough technologies.

  • Physics and the Fractal nature of the Universe
  • Theraphi Healing and Bio Active Plasma Fields
  • Understanding implosion, Phase Conjugation and Negentropy
  • Cold Fusion and Isotope transitions
  • Hydrogen frequencies and cold fusion
  • Hypersonic propulsion systems
  • Non-fossil energy
  • implosion devices and water re-charging
  • Bio Feedback Technologies
  • Waste to Energy Technologies
  • Anti-aging Klotho Longevity Hormone Formula
  • Geo-Mantic forces
  • Western Wisdom Traditions

Presentations and Topics

Dan Winter Implosion Science and the Fractal Universal Field

Dan Winter was one of the first scientists to provide evidence that the shape of the universe is a stellated dodecahedron. As a shape capable of producing the perfect fractal, the stellated dodecahedron causes charges to scale, materialize and implode.

Winter was also one of the first scientists to attribute the cause of gravity to the fractal nature of the universe. According to Winter's research, it is the stellated dodecahedron's perfect charge collapse geometry - based on the Golden Mean - that creates gravity. Only the Golden Ratio allows for constructive interference of wave addition and multiplication.

Winter is not alone in his convictions. World famous research scientist El Naschie agrees with Winter, and has calculated groundbreaking mathematics proving the universe is a fractal based on the Golden Ratio. Garrett Lisi released his research into his like-minded Theory of Everything model E8. The work of Alain Connes has shown that non-commutative spaces naturally evolve toward fractality. In fact, most astrophysicists now agree that the shape of the universe is a dodecahedron. Groundbreaking physicist Andrei Linde has found fractals helpful in modeling the behavior of the universe, and is currently spearheading research suggesting that the fractal nature of space may actually be the cause of gravity. The revelation that the Golden Ratio is the essence of fractality - and thereby the root cause of gravity (along with all centripetal forces) - is groundbreaking in that it links waves of all kinds to a single fractal field theory.


The Golden Ratio presence is seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron.
These equations accurately explain and predict both the geometry and frequency of hydrogen based on the principle that matter is a standing wave unpacked directly by constructive golden ratio charge compression, using Planck length and time (physics universal solvent of length and time). He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium - 13.56 Mhz. and found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water.

Cold Fusion and Hydrogen frequencies

Winter shows that this fractal structure of hydrogen is precisely the proof that golden ratio constructive 'implosive' charge collapse is the key to matter creation- and energy from it. He proposes to use this theory to precisely tune capacitors to implode with very efficient fractal or 'phase conjugate' effects - which focus on the hydrogen bond in water. He has proven and measured the exact same frequency signature in using his unique bioactive capacitors, which have measured 40-50% increase in growth field effects.
These ‘sets’ of hydrogen frequency cascades are also at the heart of the effectiveness of the Theraphi Device, and potentially can be used for many cold fusion applications.

Meet Dan Winter at the Upcoming Symposium

Our charming setting in South France is ideal for learning about Applied quantum fractal field theory. These unique frequency recipes may be the most important and powerful that have ever been researched. Potential use for cold fusion, desalination, hydrolysis, efficient battery charging and much more. The literature already featured intriguing evidence that the golden ratio was the primary geometry establishing the proportion between the hydrogen electron radii (R. Heyrovska). Our Breakthru-T came when Dan Winter discovered a new fundamental equation establishing the golden ratio of hydrogen extended from the radius right down to the center of hydrogen. We now understood the wave nature of hydrogen and what holds it together. Many aspects of this work have already been achieved; we can produce an electric field called 'phase conjugate' or the ‘fractal field’, which we have proven increases metabolism (Theraphi Device) and increases seed germination and crops yields (The Imploder Device).



The Kaznacheyev experiments in the Soviet Union proved that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific electromagnetic pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal, if the target cells are bombarded with the pattern-carrying carrier signals for a length of time. What was not published of Kaznacheyev's work was the correspondent work showing electromagnetic reversal of cellular death and disease conditions by irradiating the diseased cell cultures by phase conjugate replicas of the pattern-carrying induction signal.

In simplified terms, if an action in forward time induces a condition, then the time-reversal of that action will reverse the condition.

In other words, the time-reversal of an electromagnetic disease process is a specific healing process for that disease.
Is this the logic behind the extraordinary results hundreds of people around the world have achieved with the Theraphi Device?

The Theraphi device activates the body’s own cellular regeneration system by using longitudinal electromagnetic waves.  It produces a powerful plasma bio-active field.
The key healing and longevity (including stem cell switching) aspect to this technology is referred to as ‘negentropy’ and this is the key to understanding the powerful electromagnetic phase conjugation (adding and multiply waves / frequencies using natures golden mean ratio - the theory of nature’s fractals and all of its biology) so that it effects every cell and DNA of our body. There is a significant amount of scientific evidence that this works.

Effects of the Theraphi Device:
The resulting wave field restores order to the body’s cellular regenerative system:
Negentropy - centripetal, creating life order and helps to reverse the disease and aging process

The Theraphi program can encourage neurological negentropy, which means an aging population will enjoy a calmer and clearer state of mind for a lifetime.
It is the tendency towards disorder (entropy) is what eventually impairs mood, motivation, mindfulness and motor skills. The Theraphi activated Negentropy is the complete opposite of entropy. 

The bio-active field and negative entropy: the organizing principles of life
The author of the famous book "What is Life", Erwin Schrödinger (one of the fathers of quantum physics), defines negentropy as the remarkable ability of a living system, not only to avoid the effects of entropy production - as dictated by the second law of thermodynamics - but to do just the opposite, that is to increase organization, which is the converse of entropy.

Negentropy is also called reverse entropy, a process in which the cell can revert to its original state, before degeneration (a definition of healing). Negentropy is a process of "time reversal" or passing something back to its previous state. This is what happens inside a pyramid when it re-sharpens a razor blade. Applied centripetal forces gather new molecules in phase and in order. The same consistent forces in the Theraphi restore your body to a previous healthier more ordered state, which is called rejuvenation and healing.

This technology has been used for pain reduction, longevity, enhancing the immune system, stem cell switching and reducing the time necessary for healing.

with Glen Rein, PhD

The dawn of Digital Biology began with the work of Jacque Benveniste who successfully transferred the energetic essence of a molecule into water which could subsequently be ‘read’ by a biological system. This work has recently been confirmed and extend ed by the nobel prize winner, Luc Montagnier. In contrast, Cyril Smith’s research has focused on imprinting specific frequencies into water.

After reviewing the research of these three pioneers, original research will be presented demonstrating the measurable effects of scalar energy on the optical properties of water using UV spectroscopy and Resonance Frequency Spectroscopy. The later is a technique developed at the Quantum-Biology Research Lab for measuring intrinsic frequencies in water. A second technique has also been used involving measurement of the electrical conductivity of water at 42.7kHz, aresonance frequency of water.

This research has demonstrated that water is capable of storing quantum information associated with many different types of energy (electromagnetic, scalar and bioenergy). It was further discovered that scalar energy generated from a toroid is capable of reversing the polarity of the electrical changes produces by a classical EM field. The implications for this recent discovery will be discussed.

Applied Integrative Biophysics
with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD

Having taught holistic medicine for more than four decades, Dr. Michael’s research in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition, such as the Presidential and International Who’s Who. She has lectured at the United Nations, MIT, the World Summit on Integral Medicine, the Harvard Club, The Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, anti-aging congresses, as well as numerous medical schools and ministries of health worldwide. Dr. Michael has also been featured in various national newspapers and journal articles, including a prominent study on autism and seizure disorder published in the Journal of Neurology Research. Her invention, the True Bio-Scalar Fusion Technology, EESystem has been publicized on CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, in the Wall Street Journal and the Beverly Hills Times.

Meet Sacha Stone and Carla Bate
Founders of the Immortalist Company

THIS HAS NEVER BEEN ACHIEVED BEFORE.: Immortalis Klotho Formularepresents a revolution in Longevity Science and may prove to be the greatest medical-science breakthrough in history - resulting in unprecedented age reversal and the eradication and prevention of degenerative disease.
Sometimes something so extraordinary occurs in human history that the world will never be the same again, and the Breakthru-T team always celebrates a paradigm shifting technology...

The Klotho Protein is also known as the Youth Protein. When activated in a living organism, the Klotho protein increases lifespan. Bottom line, the more Klotho in your system, the longer you will live. The less Klotho in your body- the shorter the life span. That is a medical fact. 

Klotho is a naturally occurring, human protein discovered in 1997. The name comes from the mythological Greek goddess Klotho, responsible for spinning the 'thread of life'. Its an appropriate name as Klotho protein is involved in many biological pathways and has major effects throughout our lifespan. Klotho influences longevity, cognition and kidney function and slows the progression of diabetes and cancer. 

Sacha and Carla will be giving a cutting edge presentation on Klotho and Longevity Science at our upcoming event. Not to be missed- book now and receive early payment discounts!

Discover and learn:
Has the Fountain of Youth finally been discovered?
How to Activate Your Anti-Aging Gene
View an interview with inventor Dr. Marco Ruggiero
Learn all about Klotho- the number one Longevity Hormone

Cold Fusion with Jean Paul Biberian

Jean Paul was Europe's leading cold fusion physicist before he retired as Physics Professor, University of Marseilles. He sponsored most all the European based International Physics conferences on Cold Fusion (LENR).

Since then he has developed his own fusion physics calorimetry lab- and become an international consultant / measurement expert on LENR. He will bring the experienced eye of laboratory physics to our discussions of fusion / isotope collapse- the real roots of cold fusion.

Jean Paul personally knows almost every important physicist on the planet working on cold fusion. The title of his talk at our conference is “Fusion Physics by Measurement”.  

Cold Fusion and Hydrogen Frequencies

We have produced the perfect isotope transition table for all the commercially valuable isotope transitions in the atomic table. We have predicted the exact frequency and temperature necessary to catalyze each isotope collapse. Perfected isotope collapse is absolutely the ultimate physics of cold fusion LENR applications.

Phonon excitation can induce patterns in collections of nuclei to produce LENC (Low Energy Nuclear Change) through LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) in targeted materials. These materials, preferably nuclear isomers, are selected to begin with abundant, low cost elements to be changed into rarer, high-cost elements of high market value. It was discovered that nuclei had the ability to ring like a tuning fork if stimulated, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) was developed. The die Broglie wave structure of the nucleus represented a standing wave structure that rang when struck, and if a sympathetic resonance was superimposed over the nucleus, then a normally stable nuclear structure would go unstable, rearranging itself toward the superimposed wave according to the Prigogine Effect.

To give you an idea of the massive energy density of LENR, one barrow of Ni-H fuel, taken through the LENR process, releases the same energy as a super tanker of oil. This is an energy density that is 100,000 times greater or more than burning fossil fuels.

WARP DRIVE * IMPLOSION ACCELERATION * gravity field production

Long before the climate crisis took hold, scientists dreamed of a day when high-speed transportation systems based on renewable energy would become the rule — rather than the exception — for air, land and water travel. Thanks to HyperSonic Propulsion Systems, that day will soon come. "These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a child's toy made of paper. In my opinion, we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles. I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts.” – Henri Coanda

At HyperSonic we vision a world of super sonic flight based on the principles of “implosion” not explosion, ‘unconventional’ rather than conventional, the geometry of torus space/time, fluidic mechanics, gravity control and extension, superconductive materials  and changes on a quantum level. Over the last 100 years their have been mainly forgotten highly successful developments in alternative flight technologies. We focus on areas of  the Biefield-Brown effect and Maxwellian quaternion math indicating an intimate connection between electro-magnetics and gravity. 

We are developing technologies of “super flight” propulsion and concentrating on the following methods:

  • Kowsky-Frost Propulsion Effect *
  • Toroidal Drive / Fluidic Torus (M-Drive)
  • Podkletnov Disk *
  • Phased Displacement Drive Mark II
  • Herringbone Plate / Warp Coil *
  • HHO Hypersonic Drag Reduction

Obviously these emerging technologies will replace rockets and jet engines. Applied advanced space time physics will enable interstellar flights, routine missions to the astroid belt for mining of precious metals, establishment of galactic communities as well as effective, cheaper aviation on planet Earth, including rapid cargo delivery and much faster speeds for civil flights.

What is the field effect?

It produces a field around the device that causes an interaction with the local gravity field, or directly produces a gravity field. When this field points down, things get heavier. When it points up, they get lighter. It's as simple as that. The Kowsky-Frost device is a field-effect generator. It creates a "bubble" of energy around the device that has a lower energy density than the local vacuum, and since the energy density of the local vacuum is what gives matter inertial properties, that is affected as well. So the device carries with it it's own inertial reference. Turn at 1000 MPH, you don't feel the force. Let's call this one the "warp drive", as with severe local curvature or energy density changes, the velocity of light changes as well, and it is possible (in theory for now) to generate a field that allows a craft to move at 1000 times the speed of light.

The craft needs both systems. One for operation near the ground, and one for many miles or kilometers above it. Why is this? There is a sharp demarcation between the space on either side of the "bubble", and if you turned on the warp drive taking off it would shred the runway!

The first thing we will build will be the hydraulic drive that Viktor worked on. For energy, we will need to either build a field effect device or mechanical force generator that does this as well. If you produce an implosive vortex of gravity and drop mass inside that vortex it can't help but spin. If you take Viktor Schauberger's Herringbone and wrap it around a cylinder, it will produce torque instead of thrust.



iTHRVE is the only heart rate variability (HRV) and craniosacral biofeedback entrainment app that offers both HRV and craniosacral training for stress management, resilience training, peak performance, optimum well-being, and much more...

Benefits of iTHRVE app

• HRV (heart rate variability) measurements
• Craniosacral training
• Stress measurements
• Breathing training
• Peak performance
• Resilience training 
• Empathy training (improving relationships)
• Sports performance
and more...

With Paul Harris

Commercial Opportunity

  • Plasma Decomposition and Reformation
  • Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production from various waste liquid materials
  • Feedstock of any oil and gas waste by-products to produce marketable ethylene etc.
  • Hydrogen production on demand
  • Carbon Capture
  • Highly competitive technology that reduces costs and production time
  • Much lower energy inputs, temperatures, pressures and scalable from onsite to refinery scale
  • Environmental remediation of any liquid waste (oil, gas byproducts, mining-tailings etc. 


The Hydrogen Plasma Reformer (HPR) is considered a disruptive technology and involves   low-CAPEX and low-OPEX development. The reactions may even take place at standard temperatures and pressures. The reactor is scalable and can make custom hydrocarbon production affordable even at small scales. It should be realized that this technology has many applications besides the one represented in this document.

One aspect of this technology is the capability of hydrogen production on-board vehicles or on-site for hospitals, fueling stations etc., cheaply and sustainably. Another important aspect of this system is its capability to capture carbon from the reaction before leaving the reactor. With most feedstocks including alcohols, the carbon is literally bound together into solids that are easily removed from the reactor. In one sense the HPR a viable carbon capture system for traditional fuels. Also valuable output gases such as Ethylene and other

C1 to C4s may be produced with the HPR. It is also possible to produce these gases from industrial waste products and the system may be fed industrial wastewater including highly alkaline or acidic liquids with metal contamination.

  • All Industrial wastes can be converted without changing any configurations
  • No catalysis is used!


Allan Rohde: The TeslaTron

Allan Rohde has been in the forefront of research and development in electro-medicine, advanced energy systems, and psychotronics, for 30 years working with many of the leading  scientists and engineers in these fields, most of whom members past and present of the United States Psychotronics Association of which he is an honorary lifetime member.

Presentation: The Teslatron, F.A.S.E.R., Negentropy, and the legacy of Guy Obolensky

This talk will focus on the work of Guy Obolensky relating his lifetime advocacy of truth in measurement and how our international measurement standard was changed in 1908 seemingly arbitrarily but having the effect of covering up the much finer energy resolution required to understand and validate the science of Nikola Tesla’s energy-density-gradient technology!

Alexis Guy Obolensky produced and measured in his lab in the 1980s faster-than-light EM shockwaves, which he then used in his pioneering healing device he called the Teslatron in honor of Tesla, who also claimed that he used superluminal waves in his therapeutic device patent application that was denied because of the influence of Einstein’s lightspeed limit postulate in his 1905 Special Theory of Relativity.  The Teslatron will be described as well as F.A.S.E.R. Force Amplification by Stimulated Energy. Resonance which produces the superluminal shockwaves emitted by the Teslatron that create the entropy-reversing time-reversed waves stimulating the natural healing process which is necessarily negentropic (creating order). Parallels to the Theraphi technology will be discussed.

Guy Obolensky passed away January 9 2018.  Mr. Rohde, a longtime student and friend of Guy  will be further developing the technology of the Teslatron and F.A.S.E.R. for both healing and energy production and advancing the legacy of Alexis Guy Obolensky.

THE Breakthru-T and Theraphi Conference is

Alexis Guy Obolensky
Alexis Guy Obolensky was born March 3 1929 in Chicago, USA.

He was a child prodigy who at a very young age devised his own radio circuitry that shifted radio station frequencies in his neighbors radio from a distance in order to exact some sort of playful revenge. This soon had the men-in-black of the time come to his door to demand that he cease this operation and dismantle his device!  Guy had also by then come into the aura of Paramahansa Yogananda who took a shine to the youngster and told Guy that he would have in his life three near death experiences, all came to pass, and Guy always insisted when telling this story that Yogananda saved his life the third time by trusting in him to know the exact moment to shift his weight and cause gravity to pull his hand off a metal handle as he was being electrocuted and could not release his grip. This maneuver had to occur exactly in between the cycles of electricity to work!  Thus Guy was still around to do more amazing things. 
During the Reagan era Guy as a military contracter and likely the nations top measurement expert uncovered a plot to falsify data hiding the fact that the Pershing II missile power supplies would overheat in high ambient temperatures and catch fire! He came under a lot of pressure and eventual threats to remain quiet. To his great credit he never gave in, however the military went ahead with the deception and the worst happened. An explosion killed three soldiers and a coverup began. Guy was highly respected by some top military people who joined him in his effort, they too had their careers ruined. Guy was all about truth in measurement. He would point to events in history that marked the decline of truth in science.

The removal of Maxwell’s Quaternian math from his equations hiding the importance of the Imaginary numbers in Electromagnetic theory which reveal the foundation for fuelless energy.

Likewise, Einstein's 1905 algebraic inversion of Poincare's 1904 Theory of Relativity, which is called Special because it only applies to linear equalibrium physics, and also denies the existance of the Ether and superluminal velocities, all required by Nikola Tesla for his ideas to be scientifically validated. Do you see a trend here? Tesla in 1900 proved his concept of energy production and wireless transmission. in 1903-4 Whittaker provided the math for conceiving of electromagnetic waves being composed of two bi-directional waves superposed, one of the pair moving forward in time and the other backwards in time, remember (imaginary numbers). Negentropy (time-reversal) is energy production! 

All this brings us to Guy Obolensky's most despised event in the history of measurement. In 1908 an international standards committee changed the electrical unit's energy density from very fine gram per second to many orders of magnitude larger, thereby masking the energy densities required to show how Tesla's energy-density-gradient system worked!  

Guy knew how Tesla's system worked!  He was probably the world's leading expert in all things Tesla. Which brings us to Guy's greatest achievement: Force Amplification by Stimulated Energy Resonance (F.A.S.E.R)  which he first applied to high-intensity lighting as a power supply ballast that greatly improved efficiency and brightness. He built in the 1980s a device to produce and measure faster-than-light EM waves, his success directly contradicting Special Relativity. From that device evolved his Teslatron, named in honor of Tesla, which applied F.A.S.E.R. to the production of superluminal shockwaves that generated time-reversed waves and entropy-reversal thereby stimulating the natural healing process which is necessarily negentropic. Over many years, hundreds of people came to experience the Teslatron, some very well known celebrities. Most reported great success in their healing process, both physical and spiritual. Many said that the Teslatron opened a window to their higher selves and enjoyed just meditating in its chamber.

Alexis Guy Obolensky passed on January 9 2018 at the age of 88.  Those who new Guy miss him very much. He was childlike in his exuberance when telling of a new discovery or success in the lab. He was always amazed at how incredible his life was, so are we.  
Goodbye Guy
We miss you!

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